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Wooden Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

Wooden Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

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Product Description:
The Acacia Wooden Salt & Pepper Grinder is a durable and high-quality kitchen tool. It is made with a sturdy acacia wooden body, a ceramic rotor, and a stainless steel screw cap. The grinder has a height of 8.2" and a width of 1.9". It is manually operated, eliminating the need for batteries. non-corrosive  and high strength, making it both healthy and long-lasting for everyday use.

Acacia wood is a premium material known for its hardness, resistance to deformation. It also possesses a delicate fragrance and clear texture, enhancing the overall beauty of the product. The combination of stainless steel and ceramic components further extends the product's lifespan.

With its elegant and timeless design, the ergonomically streamlined wooden body of the grinder adds a touch of class to any dining table. The pleasant wooden grain complements various kitchen styles, making it a versatile and aesthetically pleasing addition.

Equipped with a ceramic rotor, the pepper grinder mill allows easy adjustment for obtaining the desired spice fineness. By turning it counter-clockwise, coarser textures can be achieved, while a clockwise rotation results in finer grinds. This grinder is compatible with different types of peppercorns, sea salts, dried chilies, sesame seeds, Himalayan sea salt, fennel, dried herbs, and other spices.
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